Verify the authenticity of a ToRead Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

Established in 2019, ToRead is a social enterprise registered under the Lebanese Laws as Limited Liabilities Company working on a mission of supporting the youth of Lebanon and the MENA Region through unique training programs, online courses, and other resources. In addition to the training programs, ToRead works on providing technical solutions for organizations in Lebanon working in the training and education field.

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ToRead certificate ID is a unique identifier consisting of two letters followed by 8 numbers written on any ToRead created certificate. In most of the cases, your certificate ID will be written on one of the lower corners of the certificate.

Starting 2023, all ToRead issued certificates have the unique certificate ID. Any certificate issued after January 1, 2023 that does not have a certificate ID is a FAKE certificate and is not issues by ToRead.

If the search result is showing you that certificate ID does not exist, this means that the certificate you are checking is a fake certificate. All ToRead issued certificates starting January 2023 contains a unique certificate ID that is verifiable. If you believe that the certificate is not showing due to a technical issue and you are sure that your certificate is not fake, please reach out to our support team at

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